Terri Hardin

When former Disney Sculptor and Disney Imagineer, Terri Hardin walks in a room, the entire audience lights up. Whether she personifies the excitement and joy of a Disney trip or if it is her celebrity status shining through as a professional artist, actress, and puppeteer who has worked with many Hollywood stars, Terrri inspires young and old, professionals and beginners, and executives and artists alike! Presently Terri is showcasing her new book, “Tales from Terri: A Disney’s Sculptor’s Life, Vol 1” featuring the behind the scenes secrets of the creation, design, sculpting and collecting of Disney Limited Edition Collectibles. This pre-release collector’s edition of her book includes a foreword by Marty Sklar, a Disney Legend and Imagineering Ambassador, who spent half a century creating Disney's Magic Kingdoms. To secure your physical limited edition copy, contact info@TheREDCarpetConnection.com with your inquiry. Additionally, download your e-copy NOW at http://www.amazon.com/Tales-Terri-Disney-Sculptors-Scultors-ebook/dp/B00J2LHJXE

Upcoming Special Announcements: Look forward to more information on her upcoming memoir: Little Zebra, the new working title, "It's Okay to try"        

Attention: Event Planners, Corporations, Universities, Colleges, Organizations & Art Studios!

Book Terri Hardin, Professional Speaker, Presenter, Author, Actor, Puppeteer,  & Former Disney Imagineer and Disney Sculptor NOW 
Contact her publicist, Andrea Adams-Miller TODAY by email: andrea@TheREDCarpetConnection.com or by leaving a message at 419-722-6931.

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