Terri Hardin: Bio

Terri has been an artist and puppeteer for over 30 years working in films and television. Her credits include, Ghostbusters, Indian in the Cupboard, both Flintstone films, both Men In Black Films, Monkeybone, The Country Bears and Team America. She’s worked with the Jim Henson Company since 1989.
She was in the Disney/Henson hit TV show Dinosaurs, where she played Baby Sinclair’s arms, and she designed and built the Foster Imposters at the Character Shop, for those funny Foster Farms Chicken Commercials. She has played the passenger chicken in these commercials since the beginning.
Terri is also a sculptor. She is well known for her collectable figurines she creates for the Walt Disney Company. When she was a Walt Disney Imagineer. she designed rides and attractions for many of the parks. In Paris Disneyland you can walk through Dragon’s Lair and in Tokyo Disneyland., you can ride the Splash Mountain boat with the rabbit she sculpted, and sail down the main drop she created.
Before she worked for Walt Disney Imagineering she sculpted creatures and animals for many films including Jungle 2 Jungle, the drugged cat Tim Allen hits with a blow dart, in Relic, the prehistoric Ground Sloth skeleton, and the dove of peace and the presidential parakeets in Mars Attacks.
She is currently working on her Memoir working title “Little Zebra.” The story of a how she was able to rise above adversity, keep her sense of humor and positive attitude to rise to success in the entertainment industry Terri lives in California with her husband and her lovely Mini-bulldog Tillie. .

Terri Talks: Speaking Engagements

Using art to Rise Above the Ashes. Terri will speak about her career and how she rose above adversity as a young child thru art and later became an A List puppeteer and Sculptor in the Entertainment Industry. Terri speaks using puppets or art to empower young lives and anyone who may need a good boost in self esteem. She often speaks on being bullied and growing up with adversity. Contact her at 818 822 1766 for more information.

Feb. 20th 2013 7:30 - 8 pm – Hands for hope, No. Hollywood, California.
11210 Otsego St. N. Hollywood, CA 91601 (Located inside the church on the corner of Otsego and Fair Avenue)

Feb. 26th 7:30-9am – LUNCH (Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce) – Breakfast.
Daily Grill Studio City.

Feb. 27 – 9 – 11am- Invitation to speak on behalf of NBCUniversal Studios Evolution Plan
City council – Los Angeles City Council Building – Hill Street.

Aug/Sept. 2013 –Disneyana Fan club-Sacramento Calif. 0pen to all chapter members and guests. TBA